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Download and run the WASP climate model

Several versions of WASP are available. The full version used for scientific research is coded in the C++ programming language. There are also two educational/outreach versions of the WASP climate model: a spreadsheet version in excel, and an app for iOS and Android devices called CO2 Modeller.

App for iOS and Android (educational version):

The easiest way to make future climate projections with the WASP model is with the 
CO2 modeller app. The CO2 modeller climate app runs the WASP climate model on smartphones and tablets. A touchscreen interface allows the impact of future carbon emissions on warming, ocean acidification and sea level rise to be explored. 

The CO2 modeller climate app can be downloaded for iOS from the app store here:

and for Android from google play here:

For full details see the CO2 modeller website here.

Scientific versions:

Scientific versions are coded in C++, and are available from Github here:

Stable releases of the WASP climate model from peer reviewed scientific publications are are also available from the following links:

WASP-LGRTC v1.0: contains pattern scaling to make local warming projections.

WASP v2: Go to ‘supporting information’ from the link and download the .cpp files. This version of WASP contains time-evolving climate feedbacks.

Educational spreadsheet version:

The spreadsheet version of WASP works on Microsoft excel. 

The spreadsheet version of WASP plots graphs of surface warming, surface ocean pH and sea level rise for different emissions scenarios. The spreadsheet version of WASP is simplified relative to the scientific version: spreadsheet WASP has an annual time-step, and contains only the atmosphere and ocean components of the main model (there is no terrestrial carbon cycle).

Spreadsheet WASP comes configured with four future scenarios: RCP8.5 (high-end emissions), RCP6.0 and RCP4.5 (mid-range scenarios) and RCP2.6 (significant effort to reduce future emissions). 

Spreadsheet WASP will be available to download on this site soon …

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